GMF is a consulting firm to both for-profit and non-profit organizations committed to empowering organizations through a comprehensive strategy of developing client-centered plans that really work. We're known for developing individualized responses to the needs of our clients.

About GMF

George Glover speaking to an audience

Our Team

With decades of combined experience and a proven track record, our team can help turn an organization's goals into reality. Contact us today for to see how we can help your organization.

Our Services

Organizational Development

Fund Development

Strategic Planning

Marketing & Sustainability

Board Consultation

Executive Search

George T Glover, President, GMF Partners Inc.

George Glover

President, GMF Partners Inc.

Jey Dharmaraj

Senior Advisor, Southern Ontario

Jey Dharmaraj - Senior Advisor, Southern Ontario
Gord Hallett - Senior Advisor, Prairies Region

Gord Hallett

Senior Advisor, Prairie Region

Herbert Seelam

Training and Support

Herbert Seelam
Esther Rutledge

Esther Rutledge

Executive Assistant


GMF Partners Inc was founded by George Glover to help small to mid-size non-profits raise their game and do more in their area of calling. He  holds over 40 years of broad and effective leadership leading and building organizations. He brings significant expertise in organizational development, marketing, sustainability and strategy.

"You helped put our organization on a great trajectory. Thank you for all your efforts to help us." - Saskatchewan, Canada


We operate with the following principles:


We serve with an unwavering respect for your work.

We work hard to bring fresh perspective with realistic and obtainable solutions.

Excellence is the expected standard.

Meeting our client’s expressed needs is our first priority.

We serve as if we were staff members with the same dedication and commitment.