Getting a breakthrough for your non-profit

Over the years, we’ve had a variety of organizations contact us for help. The questions are often the same.

“What will it cost?” and “How do I find the time to get this done?”

In the small non-profit world there are often very limited resources. But at the same time there’s hunger for real breakthroughs. The majority of non-profits in Canada are often defined as “over-worked and underfunded.”

The answer in part to these questions often lies in “how badly do you want YOUR breakthrough?”

Here are some answers for consideration.

Financial Cost.

Many non-profits recognize the value of professional help to accelerate their goals. Reasonable costs are to be expected – it will be well worth it if they help achieve good results.

As for funding the cost, here some options:

  1. Use your reserves to cover the cost. ROI to breakeven will be approx. 6 months.
  2. Ask some of your major donors to fund the cost for one year. A sound investment.

Time cost.

Be prepared to set aside some time in your schedule to work with the fund development consultant. That can be done by the Executive Director and/or a subordinate. However you choose to get the work done, be realistic that ‘the consultant can’t do everything’ — you must do some of the work yourselves.’ 

When you purchase the services of a consultant to help your organization, look for:

Competency – Do they have years in the industry and what is their track record?

Chemistry – Do you sense you can get along with the lead consultant personality-wise?

Character – Are they persons of integrity. Be sure to check their references.

Calling – Are they passionate about the work they do?

Many non-profit leaders and organizations are often working ‘hard’ but not as ‘smart as they could’. Consider the value of professional help. You’ll likely get to your goals faster with less stress.