How To Launch A Monthly Donor Program

Monthly Donation Pipline

Monthly giving is absolutely ‘the way to go’ for non-profits these days. The benefits are many, notwithstanding a very stable and budget-worthy revenue stream. Some reports show that monthly donors give up to 40% more than one-time donors!

Here’s 7 steps to launching a monthly giving program at your non-profit.

1. Get buy-in organization-wide

2. Give it a unique brand name

3. Develop collaterals and back end items including: brochures, Direct mail strategy, website, banking setup, CRM and thank you letters

4. Announce program launch

5. Develop recruitment strategy

6. Make monthly giving an org-wide priority

7. Segment monthly donors, offer upgrades and do more…

These are just a few of the many basic steps to establish a good long-term monthly giving program. Treat your monthly ‘partners’ as your closest friends and they will be with you for the long-term. They’ll become your champions, volunteers and great planned-giving candidates.

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