Saying thanks is really important…

Recently one survey in Canada indicated that a high percentage of Canadians did not feel they were thanked well by the charity of their choice.

In our casual survey of friends and clients, most concurred that this statement is true.

Someone once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

What impression do your donors (or clients) have about your organization? If you survey them, would they have a sense you really appreciate them – or that they may feel they are taken for granted?   We’re all super busy with ‘stuff’, but caring for your donors well makes a statement about who you are as an organization and leader.

In summary, it’s obvious that we need to spend more time and energy thanking the people who support our causes. Added thought. It costs a lot more to acquire a new donor, than to encourage your donor to do more each and every year.

One thing we often recommend to our clients is to develop a thank you protocol for each segment of your giving database. 

A simple one-page chart helps as attached.

Thanking donors well and often is a must. You can never say ‘thank you’ too much.

This includes such items as:

  • Thanking donors within 48 hours of receipt of their gift
  • Make it personalized – not just mechanical and computer driven
  • Keep it fresh. Change thank you letters monthly with meaningful donor-centric content.
  • Plus much more for each segment of donors…

If you’d like further advice on how you can develop quality thank you protocols – and grow your overall organization, please contact us.

Until next month,