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Our Story…

GM&F Partners was founded in 2012 by George Glover after a sustained career as the founder and CEO of Teen Challenge Canada, transforming a single local site to a national multi-site organization for faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation. George’s leadership produced millions of dollars in donations through novel and traditional fundraising methods—including gifts of real estate.

George brings a wide range of experience, innovative leadership, a significant network of partners, and a heart for the challenges that leaders of small non-profits face.

“Most small non-profits have small teams doing their best with limited resources and each member performing multiple roles. The result isn’t sustainable long-term. Our team provides expertise across multiple professions so that non-profit leaders can focus on executing their charitable vision for others.”

— George T. Glover President, GM&F Partners 

The GM&F Team

George T. Glover


Dr. Tim Jacobs

Director, Strategic Communications

Chuck McDougall

Director of Operations

Victor Grieco, CFP

Development Officer

Mike Hayward

Director of Development

Rachel Kralka

Marketing Associate

Derek Gyssels

Creative Director 

Nate Lofgren

Contact Centre Manager

Junita Sutirto

Graphic Designer

Cary Molyneux

Web Developer

Dave Addison

Strategic Advisor

Larry Cirignano

NE Representative USA

David Swanton

Atlantic Canada Representative

Sheldon Wood

General Legal Counsel

Three Questions for George Glover

Q1. What’s an important consideration for any leader of a small non-profit, especially start-ups?

There are many, but first recognize that you can’t do it all on your own, no matter how skilled and talented and energetic you are. Burnout is common. Discouragement follows when the results don’t match the efforts. We all need people of various kinds to implement a charitable vision. A trusted support team to rely on, speak with, and who understands your organization and objectives is essential to long-term organic growth.

Q2. What would you say to those who have experienced a pandemic-related revenue decline?

Since March 2020, giving has been down for most non-profits, especially small to medium-sized ones, who find it difficult to sustain even small percentage declines. Despite this new giving environment, I would say there are still many innovative ways to reach your donor base and to inspire new donors to give. And there are always numerous ways to make operations more efficient, no matter what the global or economic circumstances are at any given moment.

Q3. What would you say to executive directors considering outsourcing help?

When I speak with executive directors, I tell them that I wish I’d had us to call when I first started out—alone, working 17-hour days, skipping pay cheques, and doing everything from marketing to speaking to electrical wiring. It’s important to find help that you can trust when you are starting out, when you are expanding, and especially, when you are declining.

We know non-profits and fundraising because the entire team comes from specialized branches of the non-profit sector. And we’re committed to non-profit success. This is our legacy—to make things better by backstopping non-profits who engage in meaningful work. We’re not interested in any other sector and that’s because we care. We’re donors too, after all.

  • Bradley Mattes, President
    “GM&F Partners is playing a crucial role helping Life Issues Institute get to the next level with fundraising. They are also great people to work with and very responsive to customizing materials for our specific mission. I’m happy to recommend them for your fundraising efforts.”
    Bradley Mattes, President
    Life Issues Institute USA
  • Dr. Victoria Gbinigie
    “George Glover and the GM&F team were very professional in the service they provided to our organization and often went the extra mile to help us. Their attention to detail was impressive and I would recommend them without reservation.”
    Dr. Victoria Gbinigie
    Founder Providence4Missions
  • Nicole Scheidl, LL.B. LL.M.
    “George and his team are a delight to work with. Their enthusiasm and dedication are the intangibles that filter through to every level of our organization. The sophistication and impact of our fundraising efforts have improved and we are seeing the results. They are a valued partner.”
    Nicole Scheidl, LL.B. LL.M.
    Executive Director, Canadian Physicians for Life
  • Martin Vanderlaan
    “GM&F Partners was instrumental in seeing us through the early days of our development. Collaborating with us, they brought clarity and direction to our organization. Their knowledge, experience, and connections within the non-profit world were important pieces to helping us build a firm foundation for the future. Thank you, GM&F!”
    Martin Vanderlaan
    Executive Director, New Life Women’s Home
  • Pat Wiedemer
    “The GM&F Partners team brought about a quantum leap in our ability to reach our members and donors and, above all, get the message of LIFE out to our province. We were losing ground with aging donors and supporters, ineffective engagement methods, and poor internal and Board structure. All these good changes would not have been possible without GM&F’s help. We are most grateful and eminently satisfied with the great expertise provided.”
    Pat Wiedemer
    Executive Director, PEI Life